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Centered on Taiwan (COT) is a publication of the Community Services Center.

The Community Services Center provides community support, outreach and early intervention through counseling, life skills programs, cross-cultural education, and important information, meeting the needs of international communities in Taiwan.

We have decided to reflect that the Centered on Taipei (COT) magazine has readers and contributors from around the island. We are changing the name to Centered on Taiwan (COT).

In our commitment to environmental sustainability and the trend toward digital technology, we are reducing our paper publication output. Starting with the June 2023 issue, Centered on Taiwan (COT) will be dynamic, interactive and online at

Our readers and advertisers can, from anywhere, at any time, read our monthly editions online. The digital format offers increasing value for advertisers and The Center, with new opportunities for distribution and reach.

Annually, there will be 10 digital issues, and 4 print issues.

The Community Services Center has always been dedicated to supporting the international community and upholding our mission since our establishment in 1987: to assist international friends in smoothly adapting to life and work in Taiwan. We provide various support services such as psychological counseling and Mandarin classes, ranging from listening to personal needs to planning various activities with like-minded friends to explore the beauty of Taiwan. Our Centered on Taiwan (COT) magazine will continue with a sponsorship price of 500 NT dollars per year or 150 NT dollars per issue. We sincerely thank you for your continued support of the Community Services Center. Contact us at The Center. Key Centered on Taiwan personnel contacts are here, to the right, or just below  

Editorial Team

Roma Mehta

Angela Chen

Katia Chen

Naomi Kaly

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