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Summer 2024

The fragrance of summer whispers on the breeze, bringing with it an invitation to slow down and savour the moment. It brings with it the season of possibility and renewal. This magazine edition explores education, activities, wellness, and more to help you make the most of summer!

A New Era for The Center: In March The Center team evaluated the Center’s current strengths and weaknesses, redefined their mission statement, and developed four high-level goals that will guide all future Center initiatives.

Can we keep children engaged in cerebral celebrations over innocuous inclinations? Here are Seven Inventive Ideas to Stop the Summer Slide.

More than a personal narrative, Nancy’s story becomes a powerful voice for countless women and is a testament to the human spirit’s remarkable resilience. Join us at the Center for An Evening of Cultural Exploration: A Conversation with Nancy Chen Baldwin (賴水雲)

A Master Class from a Butcher is about how to master your craft in the second part of Modern Insights of Laozi and Zhuangzi.

If you are looking for summer activities, rediscover the Wonders of Wulai with its hot springs, waterfall and Old Street.

Sign up for the upcoming AFROfest TW 2024 in May. A celebration of Africa Day, this is a chance to experience the rich and diverse expressions of African and Black Culture through the arts in a vibrant community festival environment.

Enjoy vegan food at the Red Room Rendezvous while browsing Hellen WM Söderberg’s captivating ART by SODI exhibition.

Parkinsons and Me in Taiwan is an English support group for those with Parkinson’s. We have shared three stories about the medical journeys of expats with Parkinson’s Disease.

Continuing with our Health and Wellness articles, 5 Core Exercises That Are Better Than Crunches shows how a strong core can aid with injury prevention, in both routine daily activities and focused physical activities.

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