COT Spring 2024

Dear Readers,

Spring 2024 is here and Taiwan offers a vibrant tapestry of experiences to immerse yourself in.
In her article on Lunar New Year customs, Pia Munk-Janson encourages foreigners to become involved in community events. By involving ourselves into community we may gain a deeper appreciation for these local customs. As the festive spirit lingers, witness the dazzling spectacle of the 2024 Lantern Festival in Tainan. Commemorating its 400-year history, don’t miss the electrifying Yanshui Fiery Lantern Festival (鹽水蜂炮), where tradition meets pyrotechnics in a mesmerizing display.

Celebrating Springtime Heritage

Celebrate heritage and community with Constance Woods and Seiji Kamei’s captivating exploration of the Beitou Museum. Join the vibrant Indian community as they celebrate their rich heritage with World Hindi Day and Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas. Experience the world of art through Carsten Nielsen’s stunning photography in Taiwan Through My Eyes. Delve into thought-provoking themes of the Taipei Biennial 2023 with Rose Huang’s insightful perspective on Small World, the Taipei Biennial 2023.

Search, no matter what situation you are in. O thirsty one, search for water constantly. Finally, the time will come when you will reach the spring.  ~Rumi

The exhibit runs until March 2024. A singular interpretation of the notion that time is circular, constantly changing and flowing may be seen in Tim Budden’s exhibition Fluxus.

The exhibition From the Edge of the Sea to Silent Spring, curated by La Benida Hui, seeks to advance understanding and movement on the topic of climate change.

Exploring Taiwan’s hidden gems, Lucy Torres discovers charming Sanxia, with its quaint streets, intricate temple sculptures, and centuries-old indigo dye factories. If you’re an adventurer seeking a challenge, don’t miss her captivating account of the renowned Formosa Trail.

Saying farewell to an iconic bookstore, Katharine Osman takes us on a poignant journey through the final day of 24 hour Eslite Xinyi, once a beloved haven for readers and bookworms.

Self care is an important part of our daily routine. In this issue, Dr. Jessica Lott offers expert advice and self-treatment techniques for alleviating low back discomfort.

Community Support of Art

Embrace the spirit of community by supporting Art at The Center, showcasing local artists, beautiful paintings, vintage furniture, and handcrafted treasures.

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Happy spring!


The Director of the Center gives a History Lesson Join Eddie’s Live Podcast recording for an exclusive interview with Adam McMillan, the Director of The Center. Delve into the fascinating historical journey of this vital organization, originally just providing support and resources to newcomers to the Tianmu expat community through to today with an expansive vision of community building throughout Taiwan.

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