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International Women’s Day 2024

A testament to the power of collective action, International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements and advocates for equality. This year’s theme #InspireInclusion urges us to dismantle barriers and build a world where all women, regardless of background or identity, can thrive.

This edition celebrates a few of the extraordinary women in Taiwan. By learning about their experiences, we can all be champions of #InspireInclusion, starting in our own communities. It’s time to be inspired, and it’s time to inspire others.

International Women’s Day Profiles

Sara Khosrovani’s art speaks volumes and reminds us of the unfortunate reality that many women around the world are still subjected to systems of oppression. Kartika Devi is inspired by her mother and her teachers, who taught her the importance of perseverance, empathy, and continuous learning. Mona Yi 伊夢蘭, the first female photojournalist in Taiwan was a trailblazer and has been on the frontlines, where women were not allowed. Penny Su Yang, performer and artist, goes back to her Atayal roots, and encourages every woman to be true to herself.

“March is a month of transition, renewal, and celebration!”

Nancy Baldwin wrote her memoir, One Thousand Layers of Water and Clouds, as a way to heal, physically and spiritually. Through the process of writing, Nancy reflects on the lives of young girls of her time. Sarina Yeh’s most important mission in life is to be a bridge connecting people. Lucy Torres shares how important her family’s support has been in her personal growth and development. Another group of women, who challenged themselves to hike up Guguan, discovered Girl Power to be their biggest support. Monica 張瓏朧  honors her mom’s multiple roles, as a mother, a long time friend, a wise person, a mentor, a person who is willing to move forward with the times. Dipali Guha, at 87, is everyone’s Mom, but she will always remember that young girl inside her.

Community & Activities

Join the Center tour for Fun on the Farm to learn more about the organic Happiness Farm in Taiwan. Visit Lutetia ART-at-TAC for an exhibition by Russian artist Evgeny Bondarenko (林仁亞) in March.

Health & Wellness

Scott Freiberger gives us five useful hints about developing a growth heartset by employing empathy, kindling kindness, and trying tenderness to focus forward. Jessica Lott, a Doctor of Physical Therapy living in Taipei, shows us how restoring your core and pelvic floor are an essential part of the postnatal recovery period.

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