Centered on Taiwan - April 2024

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With April we witness earth’s awakening as flowers awaken and reach for the warm sun. The gentle rain also cleanses the world and creates a vibrant green landscape. It is indeed a fitting time to honour our home on Earth Day, a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

April also brings flower season, and Easter, more reasons to gather with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. Join the Center tour to see the scenery around Thousand Island Lake and to learn more about tea and see how and where it’s grown.   

Did you know that Taiwan is also a great place for scuba diving? It’s not really surprising, as it’s a relatively small island with miles of coastline.

Read about the stimulating International Master’s Program of Learning and Instruction at the National Taipei University of Education from the perspective of a current student.

A ‘Silicon Valley Porn Star,’ Jason Portnoy, shares the message of love, hope and accountability in his book “Silicon Valley Porn Star: A Memoir of Redemption and Rediscovering the Self.”

The Transformation of Kun” is one artist’s commitment to continual reinvention, embracing change, and seeking fresh experiences to broaden his horizons.

In April, Lutetia ART-at-TAC will be presenting an exhibition of oil paintings by Taiwanese artist Dardo, whose traditionalist Western paintings reflect on his childhood in rural Taiwan as well as his love for this land.

The PUX!ART Austronesian Festival in Hualien, Taiwan, is a three-day festival showcasing the rich tapestry of local indigenous weaving, Austronesian installation art, and music.

In our Wellness article, read 4 facts every parent should know about scoliosis in children.

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