COT September 2023

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”  – KHALIL GIBRAN

Dear Readers, Welcome to the September 2023 edition of Centered on Taiwan.

Traveling broadens one’s horizons, and when combined with an activity that connects you to people from other indigenous cultures, it becomes even more meaningful. In this edition, two young ambassadors from the indigenous tribes of Taiwan share their experiences of a dream journey and what it meant to them.

Alton Beaune also shares an in-depth review of a series of one-act plays, each of which explores a different aspect of art that is aptly named “Dangerous Art.”

There is no better way to understand and get a feel for local culture than by exploring the local market. Join Ivy’s Shidong Market Tour for a taste of Taiwan’s local flavours. Lucy Torres, the Center’s resident outdoor adventure enthusiast, shares what goes on Behind the Scenes at Bali Trail Run. She will also be leading the Center’s Taipei Grand Trail Hike starting September so stay tuned.

Part 2 of Tobie Openshaw’s series on Preparing for Emergencies in Taiwan is a useful guide to making plans relevant to any disruptive event.

The digital nomad wave is catching on in Taiwan and one of the early runners is the TTnomads. In collaboration with the Taitung County Government, Crossroads has created a program for a growing community of digital nomads. The project aims to create an ecosystem that fosters meaningful cross-cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, and professional growth while putting Taiwan on the map as a global destination for digital nomad culture and entrepreneurship.

At the Center, we have exciting programs and gatherings planned for the fall, including the Center’s Annual Auction Fundraiser in October. Also check out our website for the new Fall & Winter catalog that is now available online and at The Center. As a non-profit organization, the Center offers COT free for all, supported by those who can. Get in touch if you would like to advertise with us or sponsor future editions. Subscribe to the COT at this link and never miss an issue.

Wishing you all a happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival


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