COT October 2023

Goodbye September, Hello October

Dear Readers,

October heralds the change of colours in nature to warm golden hues, with a light cool breeze that indicates summer is over. It is a time to celebrate with pumpkins and Halloween, among other things.

This month we bring you a diverse and delightful range of stories about Taiwan.

Indulge in an evening of sophistication as we bring together friends of The Center, community leaders and lovers of glamour for an unforgettable night at the Center’s Annual Auction Fundraiser Gala. We hope to see many of you there.

Take a walk down memory lane with Joanne Huskey as she reminisces about the years she spent roaming the island of Taiwan. The beautiful photographs supporting Joanne’s article are by another well known friend of the Center, Susie Brand.

Read Rajat’s story about how an invitation to perform at the India Spring Festival 2023 led to the first-ever Indo-Formosan musical fusion, when a native Bengali singer collaborated with a Taiwanese indigenous singer. August 2023 marked the fifth anniversary of Taipei’s first bilingual improv performance group, FIG, and Jeffrey Schwab takes a look at its past, present, and future.

Upcoming Center tours include a visit to The National Theatre and Concert Hall in Taipei, two prominent cultural institutions in Taipei, with Jessica Wang Simula as the guide. Join Lucy Torres on two different adventures: WEEKEND Keelung Islet Adventure and Jiufen Old Street and the North Coast

For October 2023, Lutetia ART-at-TAC’s October art exhibition features Qingqing Li (李青青). This is Li’s first solo exhibition in Taipei.

For hikers and explorers, consider taking your next adventure with Park Bus. This organization takes all the hassle out of getting to trails that are not conveniently situated next to an MRT station or bus stop. Margot Zhang shares some very basic, popular and easy cooking Taiwanese vegetables with some useful cooking tips. Part 3 of Tobie Openshaw’s excerpts from the book Emergency Preparedness in Taiwan which is currently in production and will be available later this year.

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