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Dear Readers,
The theme for this May 2023 edition of Centered on Taipei (COT) is ‘On Green – Our Environment and Community’. Our lineup includes an inviting array of articles focusing on cross-cultural community building, environmental initiative actions, creative and inspiring encounters with nature. Lovely traditional and contemporary art and poetry add beauty and grace to our May 2023 issue.

Centered on Taipei (COT) was first published as a print magazine in August 2000 (Volume 1 Issue 1). It included the Letter from the Editor, the Community Services Center’s calendar of class schedules, news, events, counseling services, student, Center Gallery, articles on local personalities, community organizations’ events and local culture. In 2020, Centered on Taipei (COT) turned 20. The Centered on Taipei team and the Center staff supported efforts to locate as many of the Center’s previous volunteers, writers and photographers as possible so we could show our appreciation for their community service. These special Centered on Taipei 20th anniversary tributes of appreciation were presented throughout the year.

Centered on Taipei has evolved from a local neighborhood lifestyle magazine into a vibrant cross-cultural community magazine. One of the secrets for its success are the concepts of ‘positive change’ and ‘new directions’. COT continues to act as a window for the Center and its mission to reach out in service to the local and international communities. It is also entering into a new phase, one that will be based on a digital format and easy access.

Now, I would like to introduce our new editor, Roma Mehta and name update of Centered on Taiwan (COT). Roma and I have known each other for nearly 30 years. We both share a passion for community building. Roma’s passion for the arts and cross-cultural expression have been closely associated with the creation, direction, growth and success of the RedRoom, a well-known local creative arts organization. Our team and Center staff have been working with Roma over the last several months. Her genuine heartfelt interest, professional skill-sets and creative community building approaches will move COT forward in new and exciting directions. So, stay tuned and Roma, you’re going to rock this!!!

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With warm regards and much appreciation,
Sue Babcock

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