COT February 2023

It’s the beginning of a new lunar year, resolutions have been made, boosted by new hope and energy for carrying them out. Here at the Center, the Year of the Rabbit is going to be an active one.

Getting out and about is one way to keep fit, while exploring some of Taipei’s lesser used trails with popular guide Jennifer Turek. Trail perks along the way include pristine forests, wildlife, a stop at the Zhuyue Temple and spectacular views of the city. A visit to Sanxia’s Old Street and the Indigo Dye Center are definitely places to see while in Taiwan.

Join Lucy Torres’ tour where you will visit one of Sanxia’s famous Qing dynasty and Japanese colonial period indigo dye centers and learn about the town’s dye-making history with the option of creating a hand-dyed souvenir. Wander at leisure along this historic street with its Baroque-style buildings and red brick archways discovering traditional delights such as the town’s delicious ‘horn bread’ and sweet ‘douhua dessert’.

Ivy Chen, a renowned food expert on Taiwanese cuisine and culture will be offering a class at the Center on how to prepare two traditional Taiwanese favorites, pot stickers and rice dumplings. She will also prepare Stir-fried Chinese Garlic Chive Flowers with Minced Pork and Fermented Black Soybeans. Bring an appetite, for the class usually sits together to sample their delicious culinary efforts.

There is always something happening at the Center, so please stop by for a cup of coffee, good conversation and a warm welcome. Happy New Year wishes.

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