COT April 2023

Spring has arrived in Taipei. It is April 2023, a season of religious and cultural holidays, festivals and celebrations – a time of rebirth, new beginnings and hope in all that is good. Regarding ‘new
beginnings’, the Center celebrated the opening of its new location at 238 Zhongshan North Road, Sec. 6, Taipei with an official ribbon cutting ceremony. VIP guests Yvonne Kwauk, Andrea Wu, Jeffrey D. Schwartz and Director Adam McMillan did the official honors.

A time of remembrance and condolences – We were saddened
to learn of the passing of Gale Metcalf, one of the founders
of the Community Services Center. Gale and her husband Joel Wallach were the Center’s first co-directors from 1988 to 1995. Our deepest condolences are being extended to Joel, family and the many circles of friends, here in Taiwan and abroad, whose lives were touched by Gail’s warmth and kindness.

Our theme for this April 2023 edition, “The Arrival of Spring”,
includes photo essays, art and articles associated with her
celebrated arrival.

ICRTs General Manager, Tim Berge’s photo diary, “Jogging across Taiwan”, shows us some of his favorite early￾morning Taiwan runs.

Just around the corner from the Center at Lutetia ART-at-TAC, a neighborhood art gallery, Jitao (Nate Navasca) and Kyle Baker present their exhibition viewers with two questions – in an age full of selfies and filtered ‘fast’ pictures, how do we find depth in images and how do we engage in what we see? Another exhibition to be sure to check out is Taiwan’s first Indian photo gallery, which is currently featuring 80 prints from India and Taiwan by well-known Indian photographer Mayank

Is baseball boring? Not according to Taipei’s baseball aficionado, John Imbrogulio. Unlike most sports, its pace is not as intense, thus allowing plenty of time for spectators to be outdoors in the fresh air, eating their favorite traditional ‘baseball food’, while having uninterrupted time and conversations with friends or family.

Pai Su-yu’s article, “Qing Ming-A Time Honored Tradition”, highlights the origin of the Qing Ming Festival, how Tomb Sweeping Day, with its specific customs, became a part of this 2,500 year-old festival.

Lucy Torres and Agnes Pondaven hold a conversation about raising awareness to climate change and a shared understanding of the challenge that climate change represents in their article, “Following FRESK”.

Lastly, our COT team, colleagues at the Center and members of the local and international communities that the Center serves would like to wish Grace Ting a fond farewell as she retires from decades of dedicated and professional service to the Center.

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