COT December 2023

Editor's Introduction

We are delighted to welcome the Year of the Dragon with this beautiful cover photo by Alex Houghton.


The Dragon is a highly respected symbol in Chinese culture, and 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. The positivity of the Dragon is said to bring a boost in the year 2024, bringing cheerfulness and new doors of opportunities for everyone.

At The Center

The Center’s Annual auction on the 27th of October was a night to remember. There was a strong sense of community and reconnection, and we are very grateful to everyone who came and supported the Center.

Around Taiwan

This month we are excited to introduce two very special art exhibitions, both on portraiture. Eamonn O’Callaghan: Oil Paintings: Inspired by his sojourns in Libya and Ukraine, O’Callaghan’s oil paintings are beautiful meditations on the process of art-making, memory, and the lifecycle of art. Samavetā. Charcoal Profiles: Hsiao Jung’s charcoal profiles reflect her concern for the Tibetan people and their struggle for freedom. She is currently a board member of Students for a Free Tibet Taiwan.

Gemma Green takes a deep dive into Taiwan’s music scene, eager to discover new sounds. Her first interview with A Moving Sound has left her wanting to explore more of the talent on this island, and we look forward to reading about up and coming musicians.

Education & Wellbeing

Charles Marsh, co-founder of Muddy Hands Garden and Nature Play, believes in the transformative power of outdoor play and exploration. Muddy Hands is a celebration of the simple joys of childhood, where planks of wood, car tires, and oil drums become the building blocks of imagination.

Lucy Torres writes about Exploring Taiwan on Two Wheels. She is also leading a group of Center Adventurers around the Taipei Grand Trail, and they hope to complete the challenge by Christmas.

Jessica Lott, Doctor of Physical Therapy, offers up some simple ways to fix the issue if your screen has become ‘a pain in the neck’. Jessica is a physical therapist and will be offering more sound advice on helping our body correct itself.

Scott Freiberger offers six suggestions to support student wellbeing and Elisa Chiu has a holistic approach to entrepreneurship. Elisa Chiu is a dedicated ecosystem builder and partner with leading executives, investors, and entrepreneurs. It is interesting to note that Scott, on the subject of education, and Elisa, on entrepreneurship, have both touched upon the importance of understanding that failure is merely a part of the learning process. Both these articles bring to light that we all need to feel reassured. That we need to walk more gently on this planet and “communicate with calmness, consistency, and kindness.”

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~Roma, COT Editor

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