COT Winter 2022

Editor’s Introduction

Probably no other city in Taiwan flips so freely between cultures as Taipei. In this year’s double holiday issue of COT, we continue to explore different aspects of our local and international community and their members. If you like to read, a trip to the 2023 Taipei International Book Exhibition, at the Taipei World Trade Center is a must.

Community & Culture

This year’s featured country is Poland. Julita Wenda’s article “Discover Poland” whets our appetite for the hottest names in Polish writing and literature. She skillfully guides our attention to the best in crime, fantasy, romance, poetry and children’s literature, along with an invitation to stop, browse and discover new authors at Poland’s comprehensive book exhibit. “Reading Around the World” is the Center’s newest community activity to promote cross-cultural awareness among young learners and to build a bridge of engagement among the local and international communities. This program was initiated by Mrs. Lewis, wife of Ambassador Dr. Robert Lewis from the Embassy of Saint Lucia and who is an experienced primary teacher. Judging from the enthusiastic community response, this activity is a keeper. Mrs. Lewis, thank you for reaching out to us,
here at the Center.

Belonging & Wellness

COTs ever-popular “Community Cuisine Corner” is filled with culinary memories associated with Taipei’s international holiday season. Center Chef-in-Residence Ivy Chen shares a traditional Taiwanese Sweet and Sour Fish with Five Vegetables Lunar New Year favorite. A short history of “Taiwan’s Fish Etiquette Culture” and holiday favorites from our Korean, Turkish and Mexican friends add to our season’s cross-cultural culinary cheer. Jessica Kay Lee’s article “The Benefits in Belonging” is a perfect read, especially as we struggle to regain balance in the new post-COVID world. She shares that through community, we find ourselves less alone, we have a place for belonging and opportunities for finding kindred spirits with shared passions and fundamental life approaches.

Our Centered on Taipei team has a new member, Ms. Roma Mehta. Roma joins us as a co-editor bringing to our team her talents in art and graphic design. Her familiar presence within the international community is legendary, especially her commitment to the Red Room, a popular Taiwan nonprofit arts and cultural organization. Roma, welcome to our team, it is great to have you onboard.

As 2022 comes to an end, all of us at the Center would like to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.

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