COT February 2021

Whenever members of the international community are asked what they like about Taiwan, nearly all will immediately respond, “It’s the people!” As we have mentioned before, one of the best things about Taiwan is its active community life and collective sense of community spirit.

Diane Baker was one of those active ladies. A long-time
resident of Taiwan, Diane was well-known for her professional capabilities as a deputy chief copy editor and journalist for the Taipei Times, her love of theater and dance, particularly Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theater, her wide circle of friends and her support of our Community Services Center. She was a
very special lady.

For February and March 2021, Center Activity Highlights
include a trip along the old Gouyinqin Trail through a bamboo forest guided by Dory Chung, an evening book binding and paper decoration workshop with Brooke Stoneman, two cooking classes with internationally renowned Taiwanese chef, Ivy Chen and a rescheduled hike with Jennifer Turek to Tiger Mountain to name a few of things that you can do before and after the Lunar New Year.

Staying healthy during COVID can be a challenge, especially with the Lunar New Year holidays coming up. Cordon Bleu Chef Ronny Chiu has some practical suggestions about how to let go of “stress eating.” The Red Room is excited to announce an upcoming event in collaboration with Women Beyond Borders, a cross-cultural exhibition initiated in 1991 by artist Lorraine Serena to honor women’s creativity and International Women’s Day, 2021. Karen Farley’s (Almost) trip around Taiwan has some  humorous moments such as when they were forced to make a hearty tomato pasta dinner under the eaves of a toilet block in order to stay dry.

Remember that the Center is here for you. Stay safe and healthy.

Sue & Richard

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