Where My Father Walked

Where My Father Walked

Where my father walked There is peace The old pals amongst the black sheds Marching in camaraderie You could say The war was their best time A purpose with no choice On the right side of history The long sheds still stand Miraculously regimented One storey with new windows But dark creosote I can hear the footsteps from my bench Amongst the daffodils and pink hyacinths.

Heather Gatley is a retired English literature teacher who likes to write about her travels. You can read more of her work in the online magazine She was born in Cyprus and has lived in Singapore, Peru, El Salvador, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Wales, and Taiwan.

She has four chapbooks of poetry available on 

Indigo Sky (about Wales); Tombs of Gold (England); Last Boat to Brienzersee (Europe) and The Cliffs at Qingshui (Asia), Twin Soul, in collaboration with Deborah Nash Ott is available on Amazon.

text & image: Heather Gatley

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