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Sue is a lady with a big heart and always gives you a big hug.
— Grace Ting


Sue is one of those people who brightens up the room as soon as she arrives. Her big smile and friendly face are like a ray of sunshine and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Sue has worked at the Center for over twenty years in various different roles. Since 2014 she has been the editor of this magazine and has brought all sorts of deserving people and causes into the spotlight. I always enjoy looking at the freshly-printed copy of COT to see what beautiful photos she’s found and what interesting stories she’s unearthed. Her dedication to the Taipei community both local and international has been phenomenal and her support of the Community Services Center has been unswerving so she will be missed. However, I know that she has exciting adventures ahead in the next chapter of her life and wish her all the best. 
— Lucy Torres

Sue was generous in every way a person can be generous. She always had a good word and plenty of time for everyone she worked with. And her ability to get her arms around all the “cats” that helped put CoT together very month is amazing.
— John McQuade

Kind, generous, a great listener and always trying to help… Sue has been a great team leader. I was encouraged and given a lot of freedom to explore and create a “style” for CoTs under her leadership. She keeps the team together and connects people in the community through CoTs. It has been a privilege to work with her.

— KC

Sue often has this twinkle in her eye when she speaks to you. There is this playfulness that surfaces when she shares her stories, always with surprising twists and turns. Her enthusiasm and love for the community is inspiring. She has been a mentor and guide to many.

I wish her the best in her next adventure.

— Roma Mehta

Sue is a special woman; one of a kind; a friend, a mentor, an inspiration. 

Sue always sees and shares the positive in any challenging situation, and seeks and amplifies the light in any darker moment. Sue’s unique and delicate way of observing life is perfectly reflected in her beautiful and meaningful photos and stories; catching ordinary moments in an unordinary way. 

With an authentic smile and shiny eyes Sue is one of the most appreciated, respected, and moreover, loved members of our community. 

She is kind, humble, and funny! 

Sue’s devotion to the Center’s reputable publication Centered on Taipei (COT) is admirable. Without her spirit and dedication this beloved magazine would have never been the same. It is the end of an era. 

I am proud to call Sue my friend. I look forward to extending our relationship into the next exciting chapter of this phenomenal lady. 

— Naomi Kaly
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