COT Contributor Guide

Dear Contributor, Author

We are committed to publishing a magazine that is relevant and useful to our readers. We welcome contributions from the Taiwan community. The diversity of our writers enriches our magazine’s content and appeal to a broad spectrum of readers worldwide.

In light of our commitment to environmental sustainability and the trend toward digital technology, we have decided to reduce our paper publication output. Starting with the June 2023 issue, Centered on Taiwan (COT) is now available as a digital magazine. Annually, there will be 10 digital issues, and 4 print issues.

To view our Library of online COT magazine editions, please go to check out our COT Magazine Library

If you are a new contributor, please send a sample of your writing, art, or photography and an outline of your idea to: Editor at Centered on Taiwan

  • Your contribution should be informative and share your unique experience.
  • Written (text) articles may be accompanied by photos and relevant images
  • Photography (Galleries) contributions should be provided in high resolution formats; .jpg/jpeg, .png,
  • COT reserves the right to edit your content for presentation and layout considerations in COT Printed and/or online editions.
  • Centered on Taiwan reserves the right to decline your submission.
  • Article(s) may contain a brief biography about yourself,
    • your biography should be a maximum of 5 sentences,
    • a photo and
    • one link to an online platform.
  • Apply English spelling and grammar rules consistently within your article.
  • Please proof-read and double checked your content for accuracy
    • (including testing your links if any are included).
  • Be between a minimum/maximum of 250/1,200 words in length.
    • (If you have an idea for an article that may run beyond this limit, please contact the editor in advance to discuss it.)
  • Please submit your work as a Microsoft Word document, or Google Doc. (.docx, .gdoc)
Please submit any images to include in the highest possible resolution and in JPEG format (.jpg/.jpeg) or PNG format (.png) Deadlines are the 15th of every month for the following month’s issue unless otherwise specified.
  1. What to Avoid:
    • Write a conversational article that avoids being a report, press release, or self-promotional copy, and does not contain violence, insults, obscenity, or derogatory commentary.
  2. Topics:
    • COT is a community magazine seeking topics and perspectives of interest to the international and local community in Taiwan. Some general topics are:
    • Education
    • Cross-culture
    • Wellness
    • Women’s Issues
    • Leisure: travel, hiking, and sports
    • Cultural and Community events
    • Arts
    • Business Profiles
    • Environment
    • Cultural and Community Resources

Have Fun!

When you’re writing about something you’re passionate about, it shows. So have fun with it and take some risks! Your readers will appreciate your enthusiasm.
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