Lutetia ART-at-TAC’s monthly exhibitions

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Lutetia ART-at-TAC’s monthly exhibitions

For the winter 2023/2024 season, Lutetia ART-at-TAC will present three monthly exhibitions. The first, opening on 3 November, is an exhibition of works by Taiwanese veteran artist Chang Yun-ming (張韻明).  With a career spanning over five decades, Chang’s multimedia paintings have been collected by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.  A long-term resident in Tianmu, this exhibition is an opportunity to connect and celebrate with the local community.  

Born in a tiny fishing village in Kaohsiung where only six households were registered, Chang started image-making at a young age.  Seasickness prevented him from following the family  tradition of becoming a fisherman.  Fortunately his family supported him through secondary education and he eventually enrolled in Taiwan Art College where he majored in traditional Chinese ink painting.  As a Chinese ink painter, Chang sought and continues to seek an ink painting tradition that is uniquely Taiwanese.  As a style immersed in literati traditions,  Chang was one of the first ink painters that painted Taiwanese rural landscapes – green rice paddies, buffalos in the fields, banyan trees – as opposed to the imagined mountains and rivers of China.  According to Chang, he would often sketch on the highway’s shoulder facing the plains of Yunlin and Jiayi.  

“Gazing down with an aerial view from the road’s higher shoulder, my perspective took on a quite different perspective from the traditional painting composition of ‘high and distant.’” ~ Chang Yun-ming (張韻明)

This desire to innovate and find new perspective drives his entire artistic career.  Dissatisfied with the successes he had with ink painting, Chang explored other media and content, while exploring new possibilities of painting.  His desire to break moulds can be seen in his composition. He often uses the grid, an element more often seen in modern Western paintings than Chinese ink painting.  Sometimes these are obvious like in The Leftover of Worldly Dream (2023) or Accompanied by the Moon (2022), but often they are subtle interplays between black and white on the painted surface.  His use of texts/calligraphy not only echoes the traditions of written words, usually poems, in traditional Chinese painting, but also brings to the fore the inherent modern-ness of ink painting, namely the interplay of picture planes, the flattening of pictorial space.  

Mountains in Rain-Ink on rice paper 150x65cm 2022
煙雨千峰 Mountains in Rain 水墨宣紙 Ink on rice paper 150x65cm 2022

His explorations of painting also encompass the different ways of mark-making.  His canvases are full of textures, sometimes scratches, sometimes prints or rubbings, not to mention drips of paint as well as brushstrokes.  This study in the elemental can also be seen in his interest in aboriginal paintings from different cultures, whose symbolic pictographs often make their way to Chang’s paintings too.  

Chang’s art always maintains a dialogue with Chinese ink painting and philosophy as many of his paintings originated in poetic classics from Chinese literature.  The myriad of shades and forms of the black ink is always present in his paintings, even the most abstract or symbolic ones.  Sometimes his inspirations come in the form of direct calligraphic writing.  For him, “Calligraphy most aptly expresses the abstract aesthetics of Chinese culture”.  In his paintings, texts represent and signify; they are simultaneously textual and graphic.  

The Leftover of Wordly Dream I 36x68cm I Ink on rice paper 2023

Chang Yun-ming’s exhibition will be on show from 3 November to 26 November.  Join the artist for the opening on 3 November at Lutetia TAC Store (751 Wenlin Road, Shilin District), with a reception from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Lutetia ART-at-TAC’s monthly exhibitions continue in December with Eamonn O’callaghan’s solo exhibition of evocative and enigmatic figurative oil paintings.  This will be followed in January 2024 by Elina Eihmane’s solo show of intuitive, poetic abstract paintings and musings.  

All art sales at ART-at-TAC are commission-free, with 10% of the proceeds of all art sales going to charities of the artist’s choice.  The opening events are a space for people to meet and enjoy art; everyone is welcome.  

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By Jessica Wang Simula. Art courtesy of Chang Yun-ming.

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