The Wonders of Wulai

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Rediscovering Wulai

A few weeks ago, I joined a group of friends and rediscovered Wulai. I hadn’t been there for a couple of years and had forgotten just how beautiful it was. We drove from Xindian and after just 10 minutes had left Taipei city behind and were following the river on a quiet country road. It took about 30 minutes to reach the town. There are various things to enjoy in Wulai. The river itself is beautiful and there are hot springs where you can relax. You can visit the museum and learn about the local Atayal tribe and aboriginal culture. Wulai Old Street also offers a collection of shops to browse in and restaurants to feed you. However, for us the focus was the waterfall which is a little further on from the Old Street.

Wulai Waterfall

We parked close to the river and enjoyed looking at the waterfall from across the water. Then the gondola whisked us up above the cascade in just two minutes. When we stepped out of the cable car it was like entering a different world. It’s a beautiful, green mountain world with just the sounds of birds and insects disturbing your thoughts. We followed the stairs up the hill with thick jungle on one side and the odd glimpses of the stream and waterfall below us on the other side. Eventually the path flattened out and we reached Yun Hsien Resort.
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Yun Shien Resort

There is a small lake surrounded by trees and various paths around the main hotel building. We joined a guided walk with a local expert who pointed out some of the many different trees and plants that grow there. Some have edible leaves or roots and others are cultivated by the aboriginals for their medicinal properties. Obviously depending on the season and the weather, you will see different flowers blooming and the stream could be fast-flowing or a slow trickle. One thing is for sure, it is very peaceful with such thick foliage that everything has a green tint to it. The resort has been there for many years and some of the outdoor buildings, such as pavilions, are being reclaimed by the jungle. However, the hotel itself offers rooms with all mod cons such as ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. There is also a café offering light refreshments and a restaurant with dishes such as steamed fish in ginger, sweet and sour fish and stir-fried bird’s nest fern on the menu.


I’m thinking of visiting again but in the evening because May is firefly season in Taiwan. If you visit Yun Hsien resort after dark, you can see the fireflies glowing and sparkling. You could just take the gondola up for an evening stroll. However, I think it would be worth staying overnight and waking up with the birds while enjoying an early morning amble. If you’re looking for a new place to explore, then check out Wulai. If you like hiking, there are a few trails in this area too. So it’s perfect for a day out or an overnight stay.
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Lucy Torres

Lucy Torres

is a volunteer at The Center but is more often found on a hiking trail. She loves exploring different routes to find beautiful views and relax in the great outdoors.

Useful Information

849 Bus: Taipei Main Station to Wulai, via Guting/Xindian)

Taxi: from Xindian around NT$800

Yun Hsien Resort: Yun Hsien Website

Cable Car: NT$300
9:00 am – 21:00 pm (May and June)

Firefly Hotspots

Wulai: Yun Hsien Resort
Daan Forest Park

Rongxing Garden Park
Muzha Park

Yangmingshan: Zhuzihu
Hushan Hiking Trail

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