Find Your Community Hub at Lili’s in Tianmu

Lili Art & Kitchen, a cornerstone of the community for over 16 years, is known for its warm atmosphere
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patrick and lily
Throughout history, humans have sought connection, gathering in community spaces and restaurants to share meals and forge bonds. These social hubs offer more than just a place to sit – they provide a platform for socialising, building relationships, and fostering a sense of belonging. Tianmu residents have found this very connection at Lili Art & Kitchen, a cornerstone of the community for over 16 years.

Known for its Warm Atmosphere

Known for its welcoming atmosphere, Lili’s is a favourite amongst locals. Step inside or relax on the outdoor patio, and you might even encounter the owners, Patrick and Lily, chatting with their canine companion, Honey. Both Patrick and Lily embody gracious hospitality, and the comfortable ambiance is further enhanced by Patrick’s artwork adorning the walls.

Inspired by Community and Culinary Heritage

What inspired Lili’s? In 2008, Tianmu lacked a vibrant social hub. Lily and Patrick, both residents of Tianmu with a love for their neighbourhood, envisioned filling that void. They saw an opportunity next to Lily’s sister’s boutique and created Lili’s, a restaurant-gallery offering a unique blend of community, art, and delicious food.

A Fusion of Cultures on a Plate

Drawing on their experience from previous restaurants (Club 75 and Fifi), Lili, whose family hails from Sichuan and Shanghai, crafted a menu that combined these culinary traditions with Taiwanese influences. This fusion approach aimed to bring a perfect blend of cultures and flavours to Tianmu, while staying true to Lily’s heritage. The result? Lili’s offers comforting, homestyle dishes reflecting the regional flavours Lily grew up with.

Beyond the Restaurant: A Space for Art and Events

Lili’s extends beyond the restaurant and bar on the first floor. The second floor houses an art gallery and event space, further solidifying its role as a gathering spot for the Tianmu community.
lili art and kitchen-1
The second floor gallery art space

Fresh Ideas for Food, Art, and Community

Lili’s is committed to keeping things fresh for the Tianmu community. Diners can expect a new menu soon, featuring lighter options alongside their beloved signature dishes. Lily recognizes evolving customer preferences and is adapting to provide what their patrons desire.

Expanding the Canvas: Art and Events

The second-floor art gallery is taking on a new life! Lili’s plans to open the space to showcase works by local artists and host music events. This expansion creates a more dynamic community hub for Tianmu residents.

COT Edtor - Roma Mehta

Roma Mehta is a creative consultant, visual artist, and event organizer. She is a founding member of the Red Room Association and a two-time Tedx speaker. Roma enjoys organizing events and workshops that foster cross-cultural expression with openness.

Lili Art & Kitchen
Contact Patrick @ for enquiries on the art space.

Images courtesy Lili Art & Kitchen

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