While you treat yourself to the vegan delights at Red Room Rendezvous, don’t miss the chance to feast your eyes on Hellen WM Söderberg’s captivating artwork displayed on the walls until June 30th.

Hellen’s artistic journey is a testament to boundless creativity and fearless exploration. Originating from Sweden, she found her creative sanctuary in Taiwan in 2005. With a diverse background spanning hosting children’s TV shows, content production, poetry, and teaching workshops, Hellen’s path into the art world has been as diverse as her mediums.


From crafting to painting

Her artistic odyssey began with crafting, from paper creations to linoleum prints, and ventured into sculpting and ceramics before acrylic painting captured her heart in 2020. “I painted my first canvas at my best friend’s surprise party,” she recalls, igniting a newfound passion for the medium. Inspired by Taiwan’s architectural beauty and antique treasures, each blank canvas became a voyage into the unknown, devoid of plans but brimming with possibilities.

Transformative Shift

In her 2022 solo exhibition, “New Friends,” hosted at Lutetia ART-at-TAC in Taipei, Hellen unveiled a transformative shift in her artistry. She had started capturing figurative elements in her abstract compositions, with serene female faces emerging from her canvases. “I see things in my abstract work, mostly faces… now I let them come to life, and if I like them, I let them stay.” Through this fusion of abstraction and figuration, Hellen’s solo exhibition ART by SODI invites viewers to embark on a journey of discovery through the captivating kaleidoscope of her never-ending creativity.

Hellen WM Söderberg is a self-taught acrylic contemporary artist, living and loving life in Taiwan with an undying passion for everything beautiful —especially when it comes to color, texture, and the creative process of painting.
Location: Red Room Rendezvous 大安區基隆路二段252號, Taipei, Taiwan, 106033 Dates: April 6 – June 30 2024

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