Yanshui’s Fiery Lantern Festival (鹽水蜂炮)

Feb. 23 and Feb. 24, Yenshui District (鹽水)

Yanshui's Fiery Lantern Festival 2024

The Yanshui Fireworks Festival, known as Fengpao (Chinese: 蜂炮), is celebrated on the 15th day after the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Legend has it that during the Qing Dynasty, Yanshui faced a devastating plague. In desperation, locals turned to Holy Ruler Deity Guan, for salvation. The deity responded with a divine decree: on Lantern Festival night, he would parade through the streets, and his followers must shower him with firecrackers to banish the evil spirits. The plague miraculously vanished after this fiery procession. This was the beginning of the Yanshui Fiery Lantern Festival.

Where Firecrackers Chase Away Bad Luck (鹽水蜂炮)

Today, Yanshui’s Lantern Festival continues this tradition. Every year, the holy sedan chair of Guan slowly winds through the town, illuminated by a dazzling barrage of firecrackers. Join the locals in this exhilarating ritual and let the sparks carry away your bad luck, leaving you with a clean slate for a prosperous new year.

If you plan your trip to Yanshui, remember to wear protective clothing and footwear.

Link to info: Yanshui Lantern Festival

Photo credit for Yanshui fireworks Alex Houghton:

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