Taiwan Through My Eyes

In February 2024, Lutetia ART-at-TAC will be presenting an exhibition of stunning photographs by Danish photographer Carsten Nielsen. Titled Taiwan Through My Eyes, this exhibition is a collection of striking photographs from around Taiwan, seen from one man’s varying perspectives, sometimes grand, sometimes intimate, but always with a sense of warmth and curiosity.

The modern flaneur

Previously a pilot, a policeman, a manager in the corporate world, and a sports photographer, Nielsen moved to Taipei 5 years ago, when he started to focus on photography full-time. The photographs included in the exhibition show images of the land’s impressive nature, as well as magnificent panoramic views of Taipei, unpeopled yet full of the energy from anonymous residents that keep the city running like blood cells. There are also quiet images of nameless streets and unnoticed spots around the city, showing how life is lived by locals, intimate and alien at the same time. Nielsen acts as the modern flaneur, cruising around the city and beyond, with a keen observation that is patient, curious, and open-minded.

Nielsen travels in and around Taipei on his scooter, often up to four hours a day, in search of his subjects. Upon finding them he returns for the right conditions to take the perfect shot. By doing this, he has become familiar with the city he now calls home, and his photographs are his memories of Taiwan. Photography has also allowed him to connect with a community of local photographers. They share location and photography tips, exchange ideas. On the day of our meeting he was scheduled to capture a Pokemon aeroplane coming in from Japan, on one tip-off from his photographer friends.
In a world inundated with photographic images, Nielsen’s images stand out. There is a sense of authenticity, warmth. The viewer feels the photographer’s keen gaze as he waits patiently to form the image. His works present an “intense moment, intense subject”. They capture the experience of living in Taiwan.

Taiwan Through My Eyes opens on Friday February 2nd, 5:30 – 8:30pm at Lutetia TAC Store (751 Wenlin Road, Shilin District). Nielsen will be present to talk about the stories behind his photographs. All are welcome.

Jessica Wang Simula was born in Taiwan but has lived in six different countries since adolescence before relocating back to Taiwan with her family over three years ago. Having worked in the arts in Shanghai and London, she is interested in how the arts can start new conversations, build communities and connect people.

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