Our Visit to the Taipei Biennial

One of the many things I love about Taiwan is that museums are plentiful and conveniently located. They offer world class exhibitions at surprisingly affordable prices. This year our visit to the Taipei Biennial perfectly exemplified this. Not only was it accessible, but its exhibits ignited a creative spark in both me and my pre-teen worldschooler, leaving us wanting more.

Taipei Biennial 2023: Small World – The exhibits range from microorganisms to the art of sounds in DJ-ing, to photojournalists documenting the progress of democracy in Taiwan, and paintings that express the concerns of social equality and justice. Artist Yang Chi Chune‘s work, Your Tears Remind Me to Cry, was the most mesmerizing for me.

“A sound installation that meditates on struggles with anxiety and fear. The work comprises several sets of ceramic sculptures as well as sound elements”.

Taipei Biennial 2023 - Wind Chimes
Taipei Biennial - calming windchimes
These small ceramic wind chimes gave me a sense of calmness. The sunlight, streaming through the large ceiling-to-floor windows created shadows as if they were part of the exhibition. Perhaps that was the artist’s intention? I couldn’t help but wonder. In that moment, I, too, became one of the artists, attempting to capture a photo in the hope of expressing something within. Today, there was no anxiety nor fear; all I felt was peace and gladness. We are one world, and art connects us.

For more information:  [English guided tours available]

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