From the Edge of the Sea to Silent Spring

From the Edge of the Sea to Silent Spring Poster
From the Edge of the Sea to Silent Spring Poster
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La Benida doing a workshop on climate change with some students
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Tiffany Lay & Zo at their beautiful art collective space Grassland (by Da Qiao Tou Station)

Creating Climate Change Dialogue in Taiwan

The Climate Story is a subject that we can no longer turn away from.

The irony Rachel Carson (the influential environmental writer from the 1960s) rightly mentions in her book Silent Spring is that “The history of life on earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings.” When we apply this perspective here in Taiwan, what history do we have to share with the next generation?

Following Carson’s footsteps on Wonder and Education, the exhibition From the Edge of the Sea to Silent Spring will present “Man’s attitude toward nature” to shift, and create a new dialogue of understanding and movement. People can engage in open discussion about climate change, and create, learn and ask questions. Joining in on the conversation will be a turtle specialist, coral educator, PADI diver/gourmet dessert maker, permaculturalist, and climate change artist.

氣候故事是一個複雜的故事,從更廣泛的角度來看,也被視為一個“禁忌話題”,它 充滿了政治、企業、社會結構和資本主義,瑞秋·卡森在她的《寂靜的春天》書中諷 刺提到,“地球上生命的歷史就是一部生物與其周圍環境相互作用的歷史。”當我們 在台灣運用這一觀點時,我們必須講述什麼“他的故事”? 不可否認,台灣和世界各地的天氣越來越熱,我們已經超越臨界點。相互指責和拯救 海洋的活動已無濟於事。展覽“從海邊到寂靜的春天”將追隨卡森的腳步,首次在一 個獨特的空間中呈現“人類對自然的態度”,能夠轉變,創造新的理解與運動的對話。 土地對你有什麼意義?你長大的環境和現在有何不同?

Curator: La Benida Hui

Saturday, February, 24, 2024/週六二月24日

Exhibition Period/展覽時間:Feb.24 – March 3/二月24日-三月3號,
everyday 2-8pm/每天下午兩點到8點。

Location/展覽地點:雜草町 – 103 台北市大同區政平北路三段52號
Grassland, No. 52, Sec. 3, Yanping N. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei

Schedule Details & RSVP/工作坊時間表:


Guest Artists:

  • Andy CHEN
  • Candice JEE
  • Ayesha & Manav MEHTA
  • Siou Ming WU
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Mans on handpan

La Benida Hui
La Benida Hui is an art educator with a BFA in illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York. She previously established R.A.R.E. (Rare Animals Really Endangered), an environmental art education and exhibition design studio whose programs have expanded into community art projects with exhibits in New York, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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