The Catcher with the Lines: Qingqing Li (李青青)

Lutetia ART-at-TAC – Solo Exhibition

The Catcher with the Lines

For October 2023, Lutetia ART-at-TAC is proud to present The Catcher with the Lines: Qingqing Li (李青青) Solo Exhibition.  This is Li’s first solo exhibition in Taipei, even though she has been very active in the Taipei arts scene since moving to Taiwan in December 2020.  Often sketching on-site at music and other cultural events, Li’s abstract and figurative paintings exude the energy of the sights and sounds she captures.

A Chinese American, Li was travelling in South America with her Taiwan-born partner when Covid hit.  They moved to Taiwan in December 2020 and have been settled in Taipei since.  As a new resident in this city and a fan of live music, Li started drawing a neighbourhood community band.  She then ventured out to musical events at one of Taipei’s arts/community hubs, The Red Room.  Encouraged by the positive feedback, Li started contacting various music events organisers, asking for opportunities to draw on-site at their musical events.  At these events, Li uses fast yet eloquent lines to capture not merely the likeness of these musicians, dancers and passers-by, but also their internal energy, attitude and presence.  The artist is an urban observer.  She captures with her work those who are in the spotlight, as well as those who are neglected but need to be seen.  Citing the book Charlotte’s Web – Li describes herself as Charlotte the spider, using her thread/lines to tell others what she sees in others, the unseen.  

Musicality and Movement

Li’s expressive and empathic style continues in her architectural and abstract paintings.   The importance of likeness gives way to musicality and movement.  Lines curve, planes overlap, Li’s interests in music becomes apparent in the joyous rhythm manifest in her architectural paintings.  Often it is as if her buildings dance on canvas.  

It is quite easy to imagine Li the observer wandering around Taipei city, soaking up the atmosphere, drawing chance encounters.  Yet different from a 19th century flaneur who is disinterested and critical, Li engages, participates and connects.  According to Li: “I see my quick sketches as presents to all the musicians/performers in return for their wonderful musical presents.  I would go to them after their performance with my portraits of them … and talk to them or take selfies.”. The events she attends with her drawing kit give her a sense of belonging.  She says: “my connection with musicians and my neighbours and many other street artists could never be so deep had I not done these works and approached them and started a conversation.”  This ethos of connecting through art is precisely what drives Lutetia ARt-at-TAC and makes her an absolute joy to show.  

The Catcher with the Lines: Qingqing Li (李青青) Solo Exhibition opens on Friday October 6th, 5:30 – 8:30pm at Lutetia TAC Store (751 Wenlin Road, Shilin District).  We hope you will join us to experience the joy and musicality of Qingqing Li’s art.

Jessica Wang Simula

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