Sara Khosrovani

Artist: Sara Khosrovani

Painting: Light as a feather, 2018

Type, Size: Acrylic | 120 * 100 cm.

Celebrating Women’s Day

It is a pleasure to contribute to this special edition of Centered On Taiwan marking International Women’s Day.

I have had the pleasure of featuring here before and it is a joy to participate again on this occasion.

International Women’s Day is a celebration of the achievements of emancipation and gender equality recognition. At the same time it serves as a reminder of the constant struggle of too many people in the world to find a place of their own, a place where they can express themselves in the purest form, without fear of being restricted in any way and to be accepted as they are by their fellow human beings. 

It is still an unfortunate reality that many women in the world are subjected to systems of oppression and are desperate for a breath of fresh air.

Art is a strong medium for expressing these desires. Through art the longing for well overdue change is reflected in many wonderfully inspirational ways.

In my art I too look for ways to express these profound human feelings. This painting is an example with a personal touch. It reminds me of many episodes in my life and it is very dear to me.

I hope this day allows you to reflect not only on the achievements of the past but also on the unfortunately still uncertain present.

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