Being a Bridge for People

I have been working as the director of the Thermos Foundation for more than 20 years. Whether it be art, culture, education, or humanitarian concerns; Indeed, anything related to “Life.” If you wish to know what Thermos Foundation’s missions are, I will say giving “Life education” is our most thorough answer.We believe it is an indispensable obligation to help society, no matter how small the deed.

Insight & Vision

My insight, vision and mission was built up by all my life experiences, especially some people I have encountered in the journey of self-discovery. That’s why I am going to say something about them to show my appreciation and respect. They are always helping me to reflect on myself and get back on the track that I decided to take.

Peoples Support

My father is the man who helped me understand what generosity and humor means. My mother is the lady who taught me discipline. My sister showed me what family support means. My first boss led me to be brave, be curious, and be a good listener. What a lucky life! Also, the young Nepalese boy who dedicated himself to wildlife conservation; the Cambodian lady who helped widows and orphans; the Japanese monk who practices Zen gardens; Malaysian designers who built a poetic shelter for poor kids; the Tibetan grandma who always cooks with love; the Sherpa porter who took care of me in the Himalayas; the Indian social-worker who took care of vulnerable women in slums; the French doctor from Médecins Sans Frontières who spent his time with the wounded; the Chinese painter who tries to present his ideal world through art; the German professor who tries his best to offer all his knowledge to the students and so many more. Of course, the people I have talked to and listened to over the past decades in Taiwan have also lit up my life’s journey.

I am Blessed

I am extremely blessed to have met these great souls in my life. All interactions with them have benefited me tremendously and helped me understand the value of my life. Year by year, I got the big picture and created the life I am grateful to have now. I am still learning to make my life more insightful so that I can benefit many others before I say goodbye to the world.

What Does Life Mean?

What does life mean? Who am I? Why was I born on this planet? After countless whys, I can only be thankful that I learned how to love, to laugh, to create, to share, to give, to care, and to let go. I learned to be kind, joyful, curious, generous, passionate, and compassionate. I discovered how to be real, simple, strong, open-minded, positive, active, and thoughtful. And I also know the reason I could achieve whatever I tried is all because of the people I encountered on my path.

The most important mission of life will always be to be a bridge connecting people to help them feel hopeful. And sometimes, when I might feel a bit weak or even frustrated, I will always empower myself by thinking of the conversations I had with the bright souls I have mentioned here. 

Or maybe just their smiles can work enough. Yes! That will be enough.

by Sarina Yeh

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