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Monica and her Mom
張瓏朧和她的媽媽。- Monica and her Mom

Don’t Give your Worst Temper to the One Who Loves you Most

I am Longlong, and my mother’s name is Lingfeng. She must not know that she is the woman I admire the most.

Like everyone else, I did a lot of rebellious things during my teenage years, and because Lingfeng gave me a lot of love and tolerance, I still live in this family. I won’t call her mother here because this article wants to respect her personal role. The multiple identities in my heart include a mother, a long-time friend, a wise man, and a mentor. She is willing to move with the times, take the time to understand our thinking, and communicate with us outside the traditional framework of her origin. Lingfeng was born in a family of fishermen and farmers. As the eldest daughter of a family with six brothers and sisters in a poor environment, she had to shoulder a lot of tasks from a young age to help with the family’s finances.

She married early into a seemingly wealthy livestock herding family, but unfortunately she encountered the foot-and-mouth disease and was saddled with a lot of debt. But my siblings and I did not have to bear student loans like most people. This is because Lingfeng was not willing to deprive us of our rights during the growth period. She always paid silently and rarely lost her temper. She rarely emotionally blackmailed or kidnapped her children. Wise examples and empathy allow family members to understand her thoughts. It is not easy to do this because everyone has emotions. What impressed me most is that she often said: “We only come together once in this life to become a family. You should save your worst temper for the person who loves you the most, because love is not a matter of course, love is mutual, and we must be each other’s backing.”

I won’t go into details about the hard stories that suppressed women in the early traditional era!

Lingfeng’s words are in my heart and accompany me as I grow up. She grew up in difficult times but has the strongest tenderness. Her words have gained new understanding every time I chew on them through different experiences in my life, and they have also given me a strong face. Regarding many things, I want to give this sentence to everyone. I also hope that I can continue to grow with Lingfeng, and both of us can become the people we want in our hearts!

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