Seven Star Warehouse | 七星倉

布萊恩.莫藍菲個展 | Brian Molanphy Solo Exhibition

Cloud Forest Collective – Exhibition

In the summer of 2023, Brian Molanphy participated in a residency program at Cloud Forest Ceramics. where he quietly crafted a series of works inspired by teapots, pitchers, cups, and tea canisters while sipping tea. Upon his return to Taiwan, he revisits this creative journey through the exhibition「七星倉 Seven Star Warehouse」 capturing the essence of that summer through his artistry.

The most palpable change from 2023 exhibitions to 2024 exhibitions is the size of the artworks—increased from easily held in hand up to a whole embrace. The color palette broadened and intensified thanks to the CFC 2023 residency. Most notable is the redoubled expanse of forms, all the while doubling down on attention to surface. Credit is due to the rich environments in Taiwan—especially in the splendid Yangmingshan studio in the mountains above downtown Taipei. 

藝術家自述 / Artist statement:



I treat the problem, how do we form, give form, and inform?

I make containers to explore access and reception through place and cover. I seek to produce artworks that withstand frequent displacement, ontological as well as physical. The primacy of entrance and exit in the container, large or small, on the wall or on the floor, is enhanced by my own circuit of departure and return. Instead of designing art for a particular place, I adapt my open-ended series of repeated elements to various places.
I rely on shadows for composition of individual forms as well as for connection between forms or series. Shadows are plastic and typically penultimate to light and form. However their conventional secondary status may be seen as giving primary definition to form or identity through trace and memory. Poetry provides my projects with models of recollection, representation, and reliving of memory.

Ceramic Art Studio in Taipei 位於台北的陶藝創作空間

Duration 2024.6.1 (Sat.) – 2024.7.21(Sun.)
11am – 5pm (週一、二公休 Mondays and Tuesdays closed)
Cloud Forest Collective 雲森陶陶工作室
台北市士林區凱旋路27號 No.27, Kaixuan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City

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