Samavetā. Charcoal Profiles 

Artist 董靜蓉 Hsiao Jung is a portrait painter, graphic designer, and traveler. She first became interested in the Tibetan issue in 2007, after traveling to India. She has since had profound interactions with the Tibetan exile community, and her work often reflects her concern for the Tibetan people and their struggle for freedom. She is currently a board member of Students for a Free Tibet Taiwan.  

Hsiao Jung has also studied the art of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Her work often incorporates elements of these different religious traditions. These portraits were created using finger & sponge with charcoal paint. Her works are often centered around humanity and life. Introspective and personal, the work often reflects her own thoughts and feelings about the world.


肖像畫家,平面設計師,旅人。目前是Students for a Free Tibet台灣分會的理事。2006年去印度旅遊後,2007年開始接觸西藏議題,和流亡的藏人社群有很深刻的互動。同時接觸研究不同宗教藝術的文化與典籍歷史。也參與其它相關的議題活動。主題皆圍繞在人性與生命的主題上。

Artist Links 藝術家連結 : 

FB : @verna1101 <>

IG: @hsiao_jung1101 <>

畫展 Exhibition Duration : 2023 / 10 / 8 ~ 12 / 31

看展時段跟著R3營業時間 Business Hours Rendezvous


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