Center Adventurers!

This term I am having great fun leading a band of Center Adventurers around the Taipei Grand Trail. There are thirteen people from nine different countries so it’s a very diverse group. However, everyone is able to keep the same pace, so providing the weather cooperates we should complete the challenge by Christmas.

Taipei Grand Trail

The Taipei Grand Trail was first conceived by the Taiwan Government in 2018. It now consists of 130 km of trail, which takes you all around the outskirts of Taipei. There are eight sections and we have now walked six of them and cycled one by the river. It’s a great way to get to know different areas of the city while getting fit. Each section is around 10 km and several sections have quite steep ascents or descents, so it’s not for the fainthearted. The good thing is you can enjoy the different microclimates with jungly trails at the back of Muzha and Nangang, the grasslands in Yangmingshan, forest on the slopes around Datunshan and Fenguizui and the market garden area behind Neihu. 

The Grand Trail Towel

The government has added an extra challenge by including two paddles on each section. If you take photos of yourself with all 16 paddles and submit this before the end of 2023 you can receive an official Grand Trail towel. This is why we’re trying to complete the whole trail before Christmas.

In order to celebrate the fact that this is the first time The Center has organized a series of hikes we designed a T-shirt. So in true Taiwanese style we proudly wear our blue Center Adventurer T-shirts on our trails.

Aside from the pleasure of hiking regularly, the advantage of joining a group is that we’ve had the chance to get to know each other.

With such a mix of nationalities it has been great fun to learn all sorts about different cultures. For example, the Dutch love boiled eggs and healthy brown bread sandwiches for lunch!

As a group, it’s also been great to appreciate everyone’s different personalities. For instance, Hiskia is Miss Observant, always finding the paddles while Gaby is Miss Determined, hiking with one arm in a sling. Obviously Lewis is Mr Go-with-the-Flow as the only male representative of the group and I’ll call Mayuko Miss Cool as she loves cold refreshments.

If you’d like to tackle the Grand Trail challenge then keep an eye on the website. I hope to lead another band of adventurers next term and registration will open on January 2nd. You can join Here

By Lucy Torres

Center Adventurers
Lucy Torres

Lucy Torres is the Programs Manager at The Center and enjoys organising different activities and events that cover topics from Taiwanese culture to environmental awareness.

Photo credit: Center Adventurers

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