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Elisa Chiu

Founder & Alchemist @ Anchor Taiwan. Wall Street Refugee. Tech x Culture x Venture.

Elisa, I vividly recall attending one of your early presentations,many years ago in June, 2017 . You painted a compelling vision of the future. You wanted to bring Silicon Valley to Taiwan to let people experience for themselves what Taiwan has to offer. Anchor Taiwan has since been ‘Connecting the world with Asia via Taiwan’, building a bridge between two worlds: Taiwan and Silicon Valley.

Anchor Taiwan started its journey by curating a 30 day immersive experience in Taiwan for the early ‘digital nomads’. I remember meeting a few of these groups at the Red Room. Fast forward to now. The recent Anchor Innovation Summit was an ambitious launch into a different dimension. Anchor Taiwan has evolved to something far more encompassing in the tech world. 

What are your key takeaways from the summit? 

“The Anchor Innovation Summit, brought together executives, innovators, entrepreneurs and policymakers at the forefront of investing in and developing solutions for a more resilient, sustainable and equitable world.”

Anchor Taiwan

The spotlight for this conference was the Asia – Europe corridor, with a focus on trends and tech exchange between Germany and Taiwan. Future of mobility (EV, self-driving cars, cyber security), ESG/decarbonization, AI/semiconductor applications, and cultural leadership were the pillars for the event.

Through these dedicated efforts, we form thriving communities, develop unique access for meaningful collaboration, and accumulate deep expertise about innovation stakeholders including corporates, investors, startups and governments.

We believe that bottom-up ecosystem building is as important as top-down innovation. As a convener, we care about the quality of connections, experience design, and our collective win. Ultimately, we believe in co-creation and care about people.

Tell us about your goals for this summit

The main goal of the Anchor Innovation Summit is to attract partner companies to enter and make a meaningful impact on the Taiwanese market. This event was an exceptional opportunity for companies to connect with key stakeholders in one gathering, saving years of effort in establishing a corporate image as a leading innovation company.

What are some of your personal experiences around this summit?

Growth is a multi-faceted journey. Embracing the pursuit of knowledge with each step is a path to wisdom, although it may be accompanied by frustration and time pressure. I learned to adapt quickly, process information effectively, and reset my expectations. Through these experiences, I learned to embrace imperfections and discover the importance of holding space for compassion and moving forward.

The summit was hosted in the rehearsal space for performers. Wasn’t this a very unconventional choice?

I chose this special venue at the Performing Arts Center for two reasons, even though it was logistically challenging.

The three key concepts for Anchor Taiwan are Technology, Venture and Culture. We believe that multidisciplinary collaboration is the key for a lot of difficult issues in the world. In a venue that is a container for cultural leaders, dancers, and artists. Potentially, the next time you are here, you could support a dance, or be part of a special performance. 

The second reason is more subtle. This rehearsal space is usually empty. Every dancer, every actor, before their debut on the main stage, practices in this space over and over again. This is the behind-the-scenes space. Entrepreneurs and artists are more similar than you think. Because they both, in spite of all uncertainties, still choose to do what they do. There may have been a dancer in this space, who was trying to bend a little lower, jump a little higher. And that is the beauty of entrepreneurship. This is the place where imperfections are expected and accepted. This is where failures are okay. We need more of this in Taiwan. A little more allowance for trial and error, room for experiments. Without that, there will be no innovation. 

Taiwan and Germany have very distinct approaches, characterized by data-driven processes and a methodical mindset. This highlights the importance of finding the right path for each unique situation. I recognize that the grand vision I hold may not materialize within my lifetime. However, I remain steadfast in my commitment to contributing to its realization. “成功不必在我” (success is not just about me) underscores the collective nature of achievement. This summit, with its diverse perspectives and accumulated wisdom, embodies this principle.

The process itself guides us, gently nudging us towards fulfilling our true purpose. This realization serves as a constant reminder to question my intentions and strive for alignment with my authentic aspirations.

Centered on Taiwan Contributor Elisa Chiu

Elisa Chiu is the founder of Anchor Taiwan, a platform focusing on innovation ecosystem building for cross-border collaboration, strategic partnership/marketing/investing and tech scouting with previous clients/partners/speakers from Google, AWS, Foxconn, MediaTek, NVIDIA, DIGITIMES, Infineon and many more from 15+ countries.

As a dedicated ecosystem builder and partner with leading executives, investors and entrepreneurs, Elisa has a unique vantage point and network around the future of mobility, sustainability, and cross-industry opportunities. Anchor Taiwan’s signature series include Corporate Venturing Roundtable (CVC execs from 100+ leading enterprises), Women in Venture (100+ female investors), and Meet the Anchors.

Elisa is a highly sought-after speaker for tech conferences at Stanford University, The Economist, APEC O2O Summit, Arm Tech Symposia and many more. She sits on the Advisory Committee of MIH, an open EV platform initiated by Foxconn, the Strategic Advisory Council of Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, and Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation Council (THEC).

Elisa was awarded 40 Under 40 as a Woman in Tech and a Gen.T X Credit Suisse Social Impact Awardee. She is a global citizen (70+ countries), a builder at heart, a student of life, a failed war zone photojournalist and a cyclist. More about her:

Anchor Innovation Summit was a 2 day summit with 15 speakers, spotlighting the potential with the Taiwan - Germany innovation corridor. 
Sept 26, 2023 Headline Corporate Partner Infineon Technologies AG #英飛凌. Ecosystem Partners | 生態共好夥伴:Global Semiconductor Alliance | TADA | SEMI 國際半導體產業協會
| Startup Island TAIWAN | AsiaSiliconValley | 臺北表演藝術中心 Taipei Performing Arts Center
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