International Master’s Program of Learning and Instruction (IMPLAI)

Having grown up in a multicultural environment in a megacity, regularly met people from diverse walks of life and then feeling a lack of this type of zeal in my day-to-day life in Taipei, I think I may have been primed to love my time as a master’s student at the International Master’s Program of Learning and Instruction at the National Taipei University of Education (or simply, IMPLAI at NTUE). Full disclosure done, now onto the good bits! My two years at the master’s program have been so full of life. Many days proved to be delightfully stimulating and satiated my hunger for impactful and constructive exchanges. Some were an assortment of exasperation, desperation and amusement at the ridiculousness of where my self-induced stress was capable of taking me. On most days, there was an ever-present feeling of belonging, community and connection to other professionals involved in education who possess a precious mix of competence and care. These professionals were my professors, Taiwanese who had themselves been international students and then educators for a number of years (that might just hint at their real age despite their youthful spirits). And also my peers, who convened from over a dozen different countries (incredible diversity for such a small program) and also had a whole spectrum of prior work experience that made class discussions intriguing and thought provoking.

120 years of experience in teacher training

Despite having had a number of teaching years under my belt, along with a CELTA, I learned far more during my studies at IMPLAI than I had imagined I would. I already knew that NTUE boasted over 120 years of experience in teacher training when I first applied. Yet I was still quite impressed by how systematically structured the program is, in a way that allows its students to learn and effectively put into use existing pedagogical frameworks. I also loved discovering and getting lost in the English selection of books on the whole top floor of the NTUE library. The program has been growing since it was first set up in 2017, together with the alumni network within Taiwan (and abroad, albeit much more scattered). I have no doubt that a Master’s in Education from a well established and respected Taiwanese university is a concrete stepping stone for those who consider working in education in Taiwan or abroad. Especially given the bilingual 2030 policy. I sincerely believe there is room for anyone who is serious about their work and interested in working in education to grow professionally. I also hope that present and future students at IMPLAI are able to benefit professionally and personally from their studies as much as I have, and perhaps, to love and cherish this supportive and inspiring community of passionate educators as much as I have grown to.


Program overview:

-Interdepartmental instructors bring their own unique expertise and experience.
-Meticulously structured curriculum revolving around four key pillars:

  1. research methodology (social research methods, higher education statistics, qualitative research, and academic writing);
  2. fundamental instructional methods (learning theories, instructional design, development, reading comprehension, and diverse assessment strategies);
  3. cutting-edge teaching approaches (innovative instructional trends, technology and learning, and adaptive instructions);
  4. transfer of theories into on-site teaching observation and practice (field trips, on-site teaching observation and practice involving real-world classroom challenges, immersive experiences and action research).
International student applications: The 100% English-taught International Master’s Program of Learning and Instruction (IMPLAI) is now accepting international student applications. Enrollment is open until Tuesday, April 30, 2024. All coursework takes place during the daytime on weekdays. More information on the application requirements, costs, etc. can be found in the following brochure:
Yemay considers herself to be a third culture kid and has called Taipei home for the last seven years. She proudly identifies as an educator, actor and forever student of life, and believes that communities are built and nurtured through exchanged and shared narratives. This piece was born out of her desire to contribute to the educational community in Taiwan by sharing an experience and resource that has been invaluable to her both professionally and personally.
Official site: Facebook: Email: IMPLAI Office: 02-27321104#52169

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