Exploring the Deep Blue around Taiwan

Asia is well known for its wonderful dive spots and I’m sure you’ve heard about beautiful places in Indonesia and the Philippines with crystal clear water teeming with colorful corals and fish. Did you know that Taiwan is also a great place to travel for diving? It’s not really surprising, as it’s a relatively small island with miles of coastline. It has multiple diving locations where you can see anything from tiny nudibranchs to sea turtles and purple coral to shoals of barracuda.

Diving Locations

We are really spoiled for choice here. You can dive all around the island from Long Dong on the northeast coast to Green Island off the southeast coast. There’s Kenting in the south and Xiaoliuqiu just in front of Kaohsiung; not to mention Orchid island and Penghu. Along with this variety of locations comes the advantage of easy access. If you live in Taipei, many dive sites are just an hour’s drive away and if you want to visit sites in the south, you can hop on the train or drive down in a few hours.

Dive shops

How do you go about diving in Taiwan? Where do you rent the equipment? There are numerous dive shops all over the country which you can choose from. Here, I’m going to highlight two which are particularly good for those who don’t speak Mandarin as they have English-speaking staff. While I don’t dive, just snorkel, my husband and two sons love diving and have been out with both companies. The boys did their PADI Rescue Diver courses with Fun Divers and they have experienced fun dives with both shops. They would recommend them both because they offer well-organised trips, good diving equipment and the staff are super friendly and helpful.

If you would like to explore the beautiful blue world that surrounds Taiwan, what are you waiting for? Check out these dive shops to find a course or trip that suits you. Grab some fins and splash into the sea – see what creatures you can find!

Fun Divers LINE: fundiverstw] Fun Divers was founded in 2013 and is based in Yonghe district in New Taipei City. Dennis Wong and Billy Evalt are the co-owners and as dive instructors they join the dive trips too. They offer day fun dives and overnight trips. They also offer many different courses from the PADI open water course for beginners to specialized classes. For day trips leaving from Taipei they usually provide transport from the dive shop or you can meet them at the dive location.

Did a fantastic one day dive trip with Fun Divers off the east coast of Taiwan. And I also did my Nitrox certification with them. Great crew and dive guide, good vibes, nice, spacious modern boat, and good rental equipment.

Looking forward to more dives with Fun Divers.
Daniel Ulrich

Two years ago, I embarked on my scuba journey with Fun Divers. Intrigued by the underwater world, I chose them for their English-speaking team and stellar reviews. Dennis and Billy made every dive safe and enjoyable. Now, I’m hooked, diving with them and their vibrant community almost every weekend. Taiwan’s seas offer a treasure trove – from sea turtles to vibrant fish. Xiaoliuqiu’s wrecks and tranquil vibe are irresistible. Through diving, I’ve found new friends and a lifelong passion. Thank you, Fun Divers, for an unforgettable adventure! ~ Sammy Driessen
Divers in Taiwan - Photo by Elzanne Blignaut
Divers in Taiwan - Photo by Elzanne Blignaut

Nomad Diving
Instagram: nomad.diving

Nomad Diving is another dive shop that also comes highly recommended. The co-owners are Joakim and Mongren, and Joakim is also a dive instructor. The shop is in Mao’ao right on the north coast, so they have a house reef. They offer many different PADI courses, along with underwater photography classes, day fun dives and overnight trips for divers of all levels.

Joakim is a very experienced dive photographer and can offer a lot of helpful advice in this area. Take one look at their Facebook page and you will want to start diving immediately!

Miguel Torres
I’ve done a few dives with Nomad and enjoyed them all. Nomad helped me to rediscover the beauty of macro underwater photography. Following Joakim’s recommendations I captured photographs of tiny creatures I never thought to see in Taiwan. I’m looking forward to going again as soon as the season starts up.

Elzanne Lötter
Nomad Diving has secured its place as our go-to Dive Center in Taiwan. Our experiences diving with Joa have consistently been nothing short of amazing. Joa’s warm hospitality always makes us feel welcomed, even on cold, rainy dives when he surprises us with comforting ginger tea.

Each dive with Joa is a unique adventure. His dedication to providing unforgettable underwater encounters is evident, as he goes above and beyond to ensure we witness the beauty of marine life. For example, night diving with Joa is particularly exhilarating. He meticulously selects the best and safest locations for an exciting night dive, where we’ve been fortunate to witness incredible animals in their nocturnal habitat.

As a dive instructor, Joa’s expertise shines through. His wealth of experience enriches our dives, and we consistently learn new things under his guidance.

lucy torres 2

Lucy Torres is a volunteer at The Center but is more often found on a hiking trail. She loves exploring different routes to find beautiful views and relax in the
great outdoors.

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