April Events in Taiwan

Austronesian Festival 太平洋南島布是藝術節 PUX ART

太平洋南島布是藝術節 PUX!ART Austronesian Festival 為台灣花蓮重要的節日,花蓮為南島原住民藝術風華的中心,這個節日為花蓮注入繽紛藝術的活力。這場為期三天的「布」藝術盛宴,匯聚了來自花蓮在地原住民織布藝術、南島裝置藝術及音樂的精彩活動。 「布」是藝術節,PUX是太魯閣族語驚嘆、讚嘆、驚奇的語氣詞!有繼續、強力、往前意,布是藝術,不只是藝術,美麗的持續的PUX!。這個藝術節在推動原住民織布文化藝術的國際交流,透過在花蓮舉辦這樣的藝術節,向來自南島各國的鄉親,展示原住民織布文化藝術的美麗與價值,促進跨文化的交流與尊重。 The PUX!ART Austronesian Festival, a significant event in Hualien, Taiwan, is at the heart of Austronesian indigenous arts. This three-day festival injects vibrant artistic energy into Hualien, showcasing the rich tapestry of local indigenous weaving, Austronesian installation art, and music. “PUX” in the Truku language expresses awe, admiration, and surprise, symbolizing continuity, strength, and progression. “布” (bù), meaning “cloth” or “fabric,” is seen not only as an art form, but also as a beautiful and ongoing expression – a continual PUX! The festival promotes international exchange in indigenous weaving culture and arts. By hosting this event in Hualien, it aims to showcase the beauty and value of indigenous weaving culture and arts to Austronesian communities worldwide, fostering cross-cultural exchange and respect. Organised by the Hualien County Government
Flower Season March - April 2024

Experience the changing seasons amidst flower fields alive with colour. In March and April the cherry blossoms, calla lilies, and hydrangea are in full bloom. Some of the best places to enjoy the flower season in Taiwan:
Yangmingshan Flower Festival : January – May. Location: Yangmingshan National Park
Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival : March – April
Location: Alishan Forest Recreation Area
Hakka Tung Blossom Festival : March – May
Location: Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Nantou, Changhua, Yunlin, Yilan, Hualien & Keelung

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hakka-flower-festival - 3
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