Tim Berge

Jogging across Taiwan

For me, jogging is the best start to the day — to get the blood flowing, and free your mind to contemplate and plan the day ahead of you. No matter where I travel in Taiwan, I’ve discovered that jogging always gives me a vantage point like no other.
Luye, Taitung County-cot-0423-08
Luye, Taitung County. Clean air, blue skies, and roads for running that never seem to end, and are always bidding me to keep going.
Luye, Taitung County-cot-0423-09
Luye, Taitung County.
Luye, Taitung County-cot-0423-10
Luye, Taitung County.
Tainan - cot 0423-06
Tainan. Red Vespa in back alley. Love the color.
Not too far from the Tainan Confucius Temple, a doorway bidding me to enter. But dare I?
Looking up - cot-0423-03
I’ve learned when I jog to always keep looking up. Many treasures hiding above us.
Hualien harbor - cot-0423-05
Hualien harbor, tempting me to just fly away.
Kaohsiung is a city which has enjoyed a metamorphosis these last two decades. No longer a dirty industrial center, but a vibrant city which is now fully developing its majestic waterfront.
If possible, get a macro lens for your phone, or just use the built in close up function.
Many common things are very small.
tim berge

Tim Berge
somewhere in
Southern Taiwan,
biking this time, not

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