Farewell – Grace

My peaceful working world was rudely interrupted a couple of months ago when my colleague Grace said “I’ve decided it’s time to retire. I think March will be my last month.” I didn’t get much work done for the rest of that day!

Events Organiser through Programs Manager to Office Manager

Anyone who has ever visited the Center or called up for information in the last fifteen years or so will probably have had contact with Grace at one time or another. She has worked at the Community Services Center for around twenty years in various positions from the Events Organiser through Programs Manager to Office Manager. While Office Manager is her official title, she is really the pillar of the Center. As she ensures both the counseling and activities areas function smoothly, she liaises with all the staff, counselors and volunteers.

Additionally, as a Taiwanese lady who has also lived abroad, and whose children studied at the Taipei American School (TAS), she is ideally placed to relate to the Community Services Center’s visitors. Her reliability, patience and commitment are second to none, yet she is very modest and is usually to be found in the background. However, as she has decided to retire, this month it’s her turn to be in the spotlight to receive the acclaim and gratitude that she deserves.

On a personal note I have had the pleasure to work alongside Grace for the last year and a half. I stepped into the role of Programs Manager because I happened to be in the right place at the right time. While I had the support of my predecessor online from the US, Grace was the one that had to put up with my incessant questions “Where do we keep the …?” “How do I …?” “Why do we …?” and showed me the ropes. I am truly grateful to her for being so patient and such a fun colleague to work with.

Farewell Grace

Asking other Center colleagues about Grace, adjectives such as hardworking, trustworthy, kind, knowledgeable, resourceful, generous, dependable, loyal, helpful, understanding and fun, came up a lot. Each had a favorite story or memory to share about Grace.

Yes, we will all miss her steady, calming presence but we wish her all the best for this next chapter of her life.

Lucy Torres

Lucy Torres is the Programs Manager at The Center and enjoys organising different activities and events that cover topics from Taiwanese culture to environmental awareness.


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