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Centered on Taiwan - June 2024

Our June 2024 edition is packed with a diverse lineup of stories, where culture, customs, sports, and music intertwine – all woven together by a strong sense of community. Humans thrive in communities, and strong communities provide a sense of belonging, support and shared purpose. They empower individuals and create a platform for positive change.

Delve into “The Nuances Of Xiǎo zhī (小知)” and discover how transcending self-centeredness strengthens the community spirit. A personal perspective in “Discover Taiwan as a LGBT Foreigner” reveals the welcoming community that thrives here. “Navigating Negotiation Nuances in Taiwan” can help you understand your style of negotiation by taking an assessment for a free report.

On the music scene, “Small Island Big Song – A Taiwanese Calling” explores a group using music to raise awareness for the ocean and Pacific Island communities. Feel the pulse of Taiwan in “Paddling into Taiwanese Culture” as foreigners join the Dragon Boat Festival competition, a cultural cornerstone celebrated in June. Don’t miss Lutetia ART-at-TAC’s photography exhibition marking the 10th anniversary of the Sunflower Movement, a pivotal point in Taiwan’s political history. This month’s Book Review takes you on a journey with “Bernadine’s Shanghai Saloon: The story of the Doyenne of Old China.” And Travel Tips For A Pain Free Summer equips you with knowledge to minimise travel woes.

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